Yahama YZF R-15

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The Wait is over the Yamaha YZF R-15 Full Specs here.



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  1. bike is good but it is much expansive but all over A1

  2. cool posts man
    I found great and interesting information on urs blog.
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    think about that!
    Keep it up and best luck!


    i just have this word..!

  4. this bike has a top speed of 145km/h not 145 mile/h

  5. @ Satyam

    thanks i stand corrected

  6. You can read the test ride report of the R15 here http://www.motorbeam.com/2008/09/08/yamaha-r15-test-ride-review/

  7. looking very cool bike… i find some colors for r15…


    is this true or just fake??

  8. hi guys just excited coz i overtook a toyota innova and a honda accord effortlessly on my yamaha r15.its a mean machine drive carefully or if u crash it,it vl burn a big hole in ur pocket (and ur head*no helmet*)

  9. this bike is nice . i like its speed but its quite expensive. this is the worst thing of all. in totality its must favourite bike in all

  10. hey this is for all those who hav an R15…i purchased the bike in august and it sometimes gives starting problems when i dont use it for 2-3 days and/or when i start it in the mornings after a heavy shower in the night…i want to knw if yawl too face this problem?

  11. love the blazed colour…..itz awsome

  12. good but not fast

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