Pulsar 200 My New Bike

March 24, 2007 at 5:23 pm | Posted in CBZ Xtreme, Hero Honda Karizma, Honda Unicon, Karizma, pulsar 150, pulsar 180, Pulsar 200, TVS Apache, Yamaha Gladiator 150 | 57 Comments

Ahhhhhhh , a bike at last.
And finally after all the struggle the bike is here a brand new pulsar 200.

Initial Choices I Had :

When I first short listed the names of the bikes , i had quite a many options.

  1. Apache (TVS)
  2. Gladiator 150 (Yamaha)
  3. Pulsar 180 (Bajaj)
  4. Pulsar 220 (Bajaj)
  5. CBZ Xtreme (HH)
  6. Karizma (HH)
  7. And OFF COURSE PULSAR 200 (Bajaj)


Actually I liked the red coloured Apache with the black mag wheels, but the bike is 2 short for me.

Gladiator 150:

Truly speaking , I never saw it ,some of my friends recommended it . I never really thought of buying an Yamaha, because I feel Yamaha India is on the verge of bankruptcy( most of the top officials left and also the sales hitting all time low).

Pulsar 180:

Believe me at some point in time i actually went to Babaj showroom to book one .It lacked the exclusiveness. Not that Pulsar 200 looks very different other pulsars but just that it has some unique features and bit different look unlike 180 which is just another pulsar 150 with a powerful engine.

Pulsar 220 :

As a matter of fact , Pulsar 220 wasn’t much of a choice as it is yet to be released .

No one knows the release date , no not even the personal at the Bajaj Pro biking showroom.

It has some very good features . When released it will take on Hero Honda’s karizma and hit its already affected sales very badly .

CBZ Xtreme (HH) :

Considering the fact that there so many crazy CBZ fans out there waiting , i had never expected such a dumb CBZ from HH . By dumb i mean the way it looks , the awful head light (indicators embedded in the dome) and tail light are a major turnoffs and also the back grab rails are bad and look like like horns projecting outwards.

But the engine is good. Even then who would care to buy an Ugly looking bike just for an good engine when one is getting a equally good engine and looks too(Pulsar 200).

Karizma (HH) :

The closest competition for pulsar 200 is from Zma. The newly released Karizma R has stunning looks with new black colour engine and changed graphics.

What Karizma lacks:
For the features like self-canceling Indicators that switch off when the turn has been completed and the handlebar comes to a ‘straight ahead’ position with a pre-set automatic switch off function, even if the turn has not been undertaken, auto switchover feature – which comes into play in case one of the two Headlamp filaments stops functioning, back lit, non-contact type, soft-touch handlebar switches digital speedo meter – which throws away the conventional cable, additional digital trip meter and indicators for air filter condition, engine temperature, battery voltage and oil level -all of which contribute to enhancing rider info for trouble-free riding and for a low maintenance battery with a unique venting valve – which drastically reduces the electrolyte loss and therefore reducing frequency of routine maintenance the new Karizma has no answers to Bajaj Pulsar 200cc.


Mileage :


25-30 KMPL city riding conditions.

Pulsar 200:

I got a whooping 45 KMPL in city riding conditions .


Karizma will cost 83895 bugs on road in Hyderabad.

pulsar 200 will cost 73985 bugs.

a difference of almost 10000.


ZMA 17 bhp .

pulsar 200’s got 18 bhp in spite of karizma being 225cc.

The Special Features Of Pulsar 200:

Pulsar 200cc features India’s first oil cooled engine.

An all Stainless Steel silencer with a Aluminium muffler can for genuine sporty looks and long life.

A unique Battery Energy Conserving feature ensures a fixed delay after 3 continuous cranks.

It’s the first bike in India to feature both front and rear tubeless tyres, which besides offering superior stability are safer than conventional tube types and in sync with the offerings abroad for similar applications. The rear tyre is the broadest in its category to ensure better road grip and stability. Another first is the use of split seats in pulsar 200cc for styling and comfort.

Sleek, Twin row, Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs) for the tail and brake lamp ensures “Zero Maintenance”. and a long battery life.

Backlit, Non-Contact type, Soft-touch Handlebar Switches.

Self-canceling Indicators that switch off when the turn has been completed and the handlebar comes to a ‘straight ahead’ position with a pre-set automatic switch off function, even if the turn has not been undertaken.

Black paint theme carried over to the front fork legs, the rear shock absorbers, and the swing arm, in addition to the engine, for deadly looks.

High performance exposed ‘O’ ring Drive chain for running in dusty conditions, providing for clean uncluttered looks and commensurate with the bikes image.

More pros:

1. The riding position itself is very sporty.

2. The handle bar is lower than P180.

3. The foot pegs are kicked back.

4. The acceleration is really amazing, definitely a ZMA beater in terms of performance.

5. The vibes are lower than p180.

6. Exhaust note is better.

7. Cranking is smooth.

8. Low maintenance battery. Water level needs to be checked once in the year.

9. Spit seat is cool and does give some, actually very little, support. But the pillion seat needs to be unlocked from the battery compartment. But pillion will be very much comfortable.

10. Paint quality is really good and will last long.

11. The Headlight bulb and the pilot lamps are white.

12. The crash guard or the leg guard is smaller in height. It being black in color is not at all an eyesore. Though small but it will surely help if Bike falls.

13. Tubeless tires 90/90 at front 120/80 at back

14. Thick tank pad.

15. Huge air filter box. K&N should be an easy fit.

16. Bigger 260mm front disc

17. Embossed name and logo, similar to old karizma but not plastic, just thick sticker.

18. No chain cover.

19. No ugly footrest for saree wearing ladies.

20. Silencer is not black in color, silver color compliments the new design.

21. Better quality switches. similar to UG3, much better than the old ones.



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  1. Just can’t stop praising you for the content itz really very informative !!

    But I’ll definitely ask you to give a more neutral reviews in future

  2. Just can’t stop praising you for the content itz really very informative !!

    But I’ll definitely ask you to give a more neutral reviews in future

  3. congrats man

  4. congrats man

  5. seriously cbz looks very ugly… thoygh its engine is good..
    look really sucks..

  6. seriously cbz looks very ugly… thoygh its engine is good..
    look really sucks..

  7. felt like reading a pamphlet of bajab…duh… hopeless…

  8. felt like reading a pamphlet of bajab…duh… hopeless…

  9. hey …raul
    first of all where is da party dude….

    it was informative but …lenghty…

    u can b a rep in pro biking dude…

    all da best !!!

    good work…

  10. Hey Man, I too had bought a new black color Pulsar 200cc in April..the bike is kool..No doubt in looks..But for long drive, whole body is paining due to the handle bar…I drove more than 300 km at a stress from Bangalore to Chennai..It was very worst for me..All people gaze at the stunning looks at my bike..i m in Dubai right now..Otherwise ..i cud show some pics of ma bike.

  11. i completeley disagree with u….hero honda rox….the entire pulsar series of engines are the worst…hondas engines are the best….those silly features in pulsar 200 are of no use….KARIZMA is the best.if feeling too expensive…then everyone should get a cbz extreme..

  12. BAJAJ…HAHA. If u wanna ride a bike…. GO FOR HONDA. Its the ultimate… If u wanna get value for money and life go for HONDA…..


  13. hero honda cbz n karizma is nothing infront of bajaj bulsar , bajaj pulsar 200cc easly takeover
    karizma 225cc .

  14. o man, me 2 got the same pulsar200 red coloured.. its sexy.. much better than karizma or the filthy cbz..

  15. hi friends iam alaso thinking of bike a musculine bike,propably PULSAR 200cc what do you think

  16. Hey, man u gave some wrong info….HH Karizzma is not 17 BHP, it 21, BHP, man, cheak it out

  17. And the pick up Krzma, is far better that Pulsar 200, the compi, should be between, Karizma and Pulsar 220….Basically, Bajaj is a copy cat, CBZ was the first stylish byk, in Indian market..then after seeing thgs, Bajaj, delivered, Pulsar…yes its true that pulsar, sold more, then cbz. but still….the trend setter, is HH not pulsar…after a years or so, when HH gave Mag wheels to Karizma, seeing this, Bajaj, furnished mag to pulsar, and all byks,

  18. Hi dude ,awesome bike ,but even though pulsar is heavily loaded with features it cannot beat HONDA in performance ,thus HONDA’s are super Bike Manufacturers rather than BAJAJ

  19. some stupidest comments I ever red.Seems that people lack very basic information.Like the one saying – karizma is not 17Bhp its 21BHP…..
    Dude karizma is not even 17 nut its 16.6BHP , go check out HH site/showroom and while there keep ur eyes and ears open.

  20. stop fighting like these u fools……..each one has his own choice……both bajaj and hero honda r really good…they best buys for their price…im sayin this coz i have a zma and p200…both r awesome and really good……

  21. Well HH is winner in fooling some guys. What are u HH fans talking about quality. Well let me tell u idiots high price means some to Hero and more to Honda. Its like franchisee stuff (MC Donalds, Pizza Hut). As far as bikes are concerned Pulsars are like IT software always upgraded. What do you guys, CBZ failed no upgrade except stickers, Ambition failed same story, Achiever failed (now CBZ extreme). Honda Unicorn again same story. And none of these bikes have out performed Pulsar 150 (so sad you losers). Again even P180 takes KZMA till 65 KMPH. Check out all shoot outs with Overdrive, Autocar etc. Our challenge me with filthy KZMA. Face it Bajaj have become Indigenous so have TVS but Hero still in Honda’s shadow. Jealousy and bad words wont help experience Pulsar this would definitely help.

  22. Are baba, I dont understand what makes some people think HH products are supreme. Come to Chandigarh we perform lots of stunts on Pulsar, and i am sure HH cant take those. And also local parts doesn’t make product cheap, Toyota and Honda are localized using local parts. Hmm i thing we Indians are very emotional thats why we cant take defeat of things or personality we love, like failure of Sachin Tendulkar etc. This is main reason HH fans floods all blogs with abusive language. Anyways i believe competition is between TVS and Bajaj (HH out as of now) and Bajaj clearly wins.

  23. Hi All

    I think its better we speak about Technology these bikes deliver and not on the Manufaturing defects or who is superior to whom.

    Hero Honda have served India for a long time and now Bajaj is doing the same. I agree to the point as mentioned above that HH is lacking behind as far as technology is concerned. Bajaj holds the cup for R&D.

    To be very frank to you. The New P200 Looks better than the upcoming P220 and ZMA-R. The older version of ZMA was better.

    I had a CBZ and a ZMA at home. Just booked the new P200.As far as the Engine’s are concerned, HH wins the race.I think Bajaj should not launch bikes every 20CC’s which at the end will become very common. They should atleast get a difference of 50CC like HH.

    At last i just want to say, we should stop blaming the HH, Bajaj and the TVS bike manufacturer. They all are making good bikes. As far the power is concerned, if HH produces 300cc in next year 2008, then Bajaj will come up with little more CC with base to the HH 300cc after R&D.So this is a never ending saga which you guys are debating on.

    Hope everyone agrees to my Point.

    Do revert back for any clarifications

  24. Hi Guys,

    I just went through the comments, i’m fine with both Zma and P200. However the concern is with the kick start missing for the p200 and p220.what do u guys have to say on this…


  25. @ jhon
    the bajaj people decide to part with the kick
    this shows their confidence on the autostart(ignition).

    i’ve been riding p200 for 5 months no problem with the auto start till date.

  26. this isabsurd u guys fighting…whichever sells more is a winner ….cbz is a trend setter… pulser is a show stealler….zma has no compi..

  27. As far as I’m cocerned, 1st version of CBZ was good and as of now P200 rocks better than P220. Currently, HH vehicles have got more resale value compared to Bajaj vehicles, but still people are opting for Bajaj vehicles, guess what’ll be the reason. Obviously it should be………… hope you people can understand. So, I request everyone not to use abusive language and finally this’s just a debate on vehicles. Thanks guyz.


  28. only pulsar200 pulsar200 pulsar200 pulsar200 pulsar200 & only pulsar200 far ahead from any other bikes
    pulsar200 rocks the bike lovers

  29. hey u guys I own a P220 and its 20bhp is far too big for da ZMA did 5 races da Zma only stands for a 50mtrs drag as its accelaratn is definitely better dan any bike till date but top speed…. bajaj owns dat field as ì myself saw 220 flying by me on 2 drags as we switched bikes and da rest 3 drags da zma is bout 10 – 30 secs slower it reaches 130 kph to da max andda 220 reaches 138 kph now dats unbeatable if u still don’t believe go out and drag wid a 220 u will understand and 4 da rest of da bikes except zma don’t even think bout draggin wid da 220 as on city roads it breaks da limits too quickly but da ZMA is a good bike I own both of dem and I know dem very well as if u switch 4m ZMA to 220 u can feel da power of baja waitin to be released and
    I forgot let da bike come in ur hands (da 220) u will see and its silencer is beautiful da end throtle notes are heart stoppin just to end da topic
    ZMA and 220 are two sports bikes of INDIA infact da only two till date

  30. Hi,

    I am planning to buy a bike next month. Initially i was very much interested in pulsar 200 cc but after reading few blogs, i am totally confused. Some 200cc owners have mentioned problems like–oil leakage from cooler, no available spare parts, Breaks are not perfect, During rains water enters into the fuel tank, Overheating of engine etc..

    Can some one tell me whether these problems still exist or the latest models have overcome these problems.

    I will be using the bike in chennai traffic so I need it to have good and smooth control. My frind suggested Apache, but somehow i don’t like its look

    Please suggest me as soon as possible

  31. @ Abhi
    i have been using p200 for 6 months now ,
    i did’nt really have any big problems .

    dude believe it or not i’m get a milage of 40kmpl

  32. guys cool down
    drive your own bikes

    and a true biker deosn’t depends upon a bike

    so burn the rubber and chill out

  33. Hi friends wait for yamaha fazer 250 and gladiator 165 in 2008,yamaha 150 beat pulsar 200 and krizma 223 easely….so wait…

  34. friends i am thinking to go for Honda Unicon , i wing rider.
    what do u say??

  35. you better go to pulsar 200

  36. I would like to see a continuation of the topic

  37. Hey frnz, don’t p220 wit zma yes we can compare zma wit p200 actually i’m a bullet rider frm 10std im riding bullet u can understand that its how much defficult replace bullet with another bike after using p220 i dont have any guilty leaving ma bullet. So p220 is too gud it rox.

  38. Hi guys,

    Remember when a maker makes a bike he is competing with someone else.Rajiv bajaj is an engineer and has spent many years in Europe and Japan studying engines. Imagine he catapulted his father’s scooter business to a leading bike maufacturing business. We Indians dont lack technology. The Pulsar is an excellent bike in India. I agree Honda and Yamaha have years of experience worldwide, but in India today, DO NOT ignore the mean PULSAR 200 and 220. I am sure as time passes by, Rajiv will work on his machines and get better and maybe compete with the Japanese!!
    Remember!! Ratan TATA is Indian and he could do something the Japanese couldnt. Suzuki joked saying Ratan will not be able to make his car, but here it is! He is meeting EURO 3! So guys.. if a Pulsar or an RTR is made, it is made after a lot of research, doesnt mean a Pulsar will fall apart in some 2000 Kms. I dont know if you know the Bharat Parikrama expedition around India, one of the bikers, Navaroze Contractor rode a Pulsar 180, they rode all around India in some 57 days and did close to 17000 Kms. His Pulsar carried him all the way home and I am sure is still alive and kicking! So you are safe to buy a Pulsar, but always wear a helmet! Cheers!

  39. Hai dudes,
    Its quiet interesting debate, but Bajaj has the upper edge as it has grown from basic scooter cat to the motorcycle cat and pulsar series being the show stealer reveals all the melt. Bajaj 200 has upper edge than zma

  40. no one beat Karizmaaaaa…….

    Karizmaaa Rockssssss……

  41. While reading all these debates I’ll decide I go for p180 or p200 bcoz of its looks,mil,bhp,price,comfortability and main point my likes. Bajaj n hhonda co’s both hav a nice engines n nice looks but the whole thing depends on wat exactly u like and want.

  42. Hi!frends

    While reading all these debates I’ll decide I go for p180 or p200 bcoz of its looks,mil,bhp,price,comfortability and main point my likes. Bajaj n hhonda co’s both hav a nice engines n nice looks but the whole thing depends on wat exactly u like and want.

  43. “Considering the fact that there so many crazy CBZ fans out there waiting , i had never expected such a dumb CBZ from HH . By dumb i mean the way it looks , the awful head light (indicators embedded in the dome) and tail light are a major turnoffs and also the back grab rails are bad and look like like horns projecting outwards.”

    u fake roadie, dont knw a shit about bike, and pretend urself as rossi!!
    u ostrich, drink frooti, eat chocolate and drive a kinetic tht what you made for u chocolate hero.

  44. I like Bike Racing.

  45. I have a pulsar 180 n it had some BCU (some elec component) cmplaint…nw itz not there..bt there is a vibration from the engine f i gve too mch throttle….can anyone tell me hw dis happens…

  46. hey guyz ..who d hell here iz sayin dat karizma is rockz and pulsar sucks…
    ohh crap u know guys who voted 4 karizma dey all sucks….. pulsar 200 rocks wid all new technologies..wid tubeless tyres wid neu stylic looks ..yet in karizma even handle cant be turned ..but in pulsar 200 we an turn handle upto 50 deg a part….check out portfolio…. i bet karizma can neva beat pulsar 200 in areas like mumbai or indore coz taffic sucks there….well i m aa pulsar 200 owner and acc per ma say pulsar 200 rocks …. karizma ka jamana gaya ….. hehe

  47. Hey, All those ppl who thinks Pulasr-200 can compete with ZMA are real dumbs. I travel 50Kms daily in heavy trafic in Hyderabad for almost a year now, till now I have not had a single technical issue with this bike, and more over its driving comfort cannot be compared with anything else in this categeory. Yeah Bajaj had this minor things like auto-off of side indiator and all those silly features but its no where near ZMA as far as engin performace is concern, ZMA still gives me 32-35 and i’m quite satisfied with that average, one of my friend who own 200 has confirmed me that 200 wont even touch 30 kmpl. and there is no comparision on styling and ZMA look far superior. All bajaj admirer can keep on cribbing what ever they want but u cannot turn a blind eye when a ZMA wizzzz past u…..

  48. hi,
    i want to by a bike but iam conf to by which bike bajaj 180 or 200 can any one tell m e which bike is best

  49. I’m a proud owner of P200 from Indonesia

  50. your bikes are good well modified good looking.

  51. nice bike ,i think so ,so i am going to take a 200cc pulsar,hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  52. I own zma from 8 months …i got no probs in da Byk…but still i feel that both P & zma rox.Indya…..

  53. Dear Frens!!!!
    i dont own p200 or karizma! but i rode both the bikes.i can quote some comments…
    As far design and fairing is concerned HH is really blind!!the looks actually kill their bikes!!!see CBZ xtreme with red rear magwheel..its bull shit!!they put a dirty engine gaurd on zma R which is ugly!!The bikes are Just coming and going without any notice,like ambition,acheiever,super spledour,hunk,glamour,and on and on….they should have concentrated on zma
    for a better LOOK ! and mileage.The price of bike and spare parts are sky high.The Meters are not upto standard……
    zma has power but atleast its a HH so mileaqge should be above 40 in city!!so the bike fails for the look and mileage but wins in acceleration!!


    Now p200..Its sophisticated machine , all user frenly digital functions good looks also engine complies to 200cc machine.I can say that it is ABSOLUTELY ahead of zma in acceleration!!!!!MILEAGE is really amazing for a 200cc bike 43kmpl in a harsh drive unbeleivable!!! riding comfort is less compared to ZMA…..ZMA amazing ride comfort!!The bike is absolutely Value for money ….and the exhaust which is prime concern for indian bikes this is very well styled and sporty and sounds good . no upgrades needed.

    So accept one note judgement that P 200 SIMPLY LEADS!!..I am a hard core fan of zma but we must accept the truth!!!! HH have to revamp the zma to catch p200..and we zma fans are waiting for that!!!!!

  54. pulsar 200im getting……………….

  55. techblues.wordpress.com’s done it once more. Superb article.

  56. naha do ke photo kichwata……..

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